Arturo Lopez Spajani
Since the age of 16 my two greatest interest have been economics and film photography. After the degree in Political Economics from Univeristà Cattolica in Milan in 2005 I rediscovered photography with a Nikon D70. Having traveled for Six months with a backpack and a camera across the five continents in an experience that changed my life and having work in finance in London until 2011. I currently live in Italy and I alternate my passion for finance as fund manager and photography as a freelance.

Latest Entries:

2018.04      BLOG: Swimming with Humpback whales... (Tonga - Vava'u)  

                     GALLERY: 2018.08 Vava'u - Humpback whales

2018.04      BLOG: Bears and "Bergs"                 

                     GALLERY: Bears and Bergs published by Image MAG

2018.01       BLOG: NIKON D850 test on snow

2017.10       BLOG: 2017 F1 Championship decided in Mexico City

                      GALLERY: Mexico City  F1 Grand Prix #44 N Lewis is 4 times world Champion

2016.11        BLOG: Abu Dhabi ...The Race for the 2016 Championship

                       GALLERY: Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix

2016.11        BLOG: Waiting for the bay to ice...                        

                       GALLERY: Waiting for the bay to ice @ Seal and Nanuk

2016.07        BLOG: Chimps and Gorillas: the heart of Africa

                       GALLERY: Chimps and Gorillas

2016.03        BLOG: Winter @ Nanuk (Manitoba - Canada)

                       GALLERY: Winter @ Nanuk

2015.09        GALLERY: Singapore F1 Grand Prix

2015.08        GALLERY: Tanzania

2015.05        GALLERY: Ranthambore Tigers

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