2014 Singapore F1 Grand Prix

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2014 - 09 - 19 / 2014 - 09 - 21


                  SEBASTIAN VETTEL

                  DANIEL RICCIARDO

The Seventh run of the Singapore Grand Prix saw Lewis dominating the Sunday event with an incredible victory for a three points lead over Nico in the Championship after electrical problems forced the German driver to park his car before the end of the race. Sebastian and Daniel showed the strong fury of the Red Bull over the colorful streets of the Bay. Alonso did what he could during the Friday and Saturday practice stents but couldn't do much infront of the extra performance of Mercedes and Red Bull on Sunday. The good Oldies and the PorcheGT3 completed the week end.

SPECIAL THANKS TO THE BREMBO TEAM: Andrea, Pelle, Murri ... that made the week end possible.

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