Ranthambore Tigers


I first visit Ranthambore park in 2005, with basically no wildlife experience and not many chances to spot the tigers. Only after I learned, that in the area there were only 14 Tigers because of pouching at the time and two days had clearly not been sufficient. The desire to see such a Majestic Cat grew year after year until it was the solitary female cub of T19 almost at sunset in zone 2 that unexpectedly near the gate put an end to my long waiting...

We were there in May 2015 a week after T24 had attacked next to the main road and killed one guard on duty just next to the artificial pools on the road to the temple that by the way it is now paved and a great relief from dust. T24 happened to be deported the day before our arrival and I do not want to enter the discussion if it was a good or bad decison. What I belive is relevant is that his former territory across zones 1 and 2 was huge and has always been visited by humans in pilgrimage to the temple. The area will be home for the next dominant male that will find it free after the monsoon season is over. We all hope for a peacefull coexistence between Tigers and Humans in that area.

Despite there were 50° C and evening sandstorms blowing from the warmer areas of Rajastan, during our stay we had a chance to spot the "lady of the lakes", T19, with 3 cubs, T28 the dominant male in the area. Noor (T29) with Kalu and one male cub. The seven days in the area where just great and for that I must thank my friend Ian Johnson.


It was great to learn from locals that the population of the park is slowly increasing. Tigers remain a species under the risk of extintion, we msut do what is possible to preserve their enviroment and respecet their habitat.


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